Our extra virgin olive oil

Poggio Amasi extra virgin olive oil is a premium quality product, obtained following the the strict disciplinary of the Consortium for the protection of the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP. This guarantees that our consumers will experience the best product on the market.

We rigorously follow the Consortium’s guidelines for agronomic processes, geared to giving the crop production the best care possible with lowest environmental impact

But this isn’t enough to obtain the IGP certification. As additional guarantee for the consumer,

following each harvest, the new oil undergoes chemical and sensory tests (tasting conducted by an official commissions authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture).

Once the certification process has been successful, we are sure to offer a 100% Tuscan oil, a quality well recognized all over the world!

Poggio Amasi extra virgin olive oil is entirely made from olives which grow on our farm, handpicked at their ripest. The olives are brought daily to the mill and cold pressed.

Finally the oil is filtered and stored in steel tanks under nitrogen to keep to control the temperature.

The filtering process ensures stability and a better conservation of the product and in no way does it alter the nutritional values of the oil, in fact it preserves them.

Oil’s enemy and tipps to keep it fresh:

OXYGEN: when oil is exposed to oxygen it is subjet to oxidation process which may modify its colour, taste and fragance. For this reason. we offer only 0,5 and 0,25 liter, in order for them to be consumed in a short period once opened.

LIGHT AND HEAT: Extra virgin olive oil doesn’t do well in heat and loves the darkness. The best temperature to preserve it  is around 15°. Therefore we suggest you to keep the oil in a closed bottle, in a dark and fresh closet, away from sources of heat.

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